Ambarish S. Pawar

Neuroscientist & Electrophysiologist

Salk Institute for Biological Studies
La Jolla, CA


I am a neuroscientist with a background in bioengineering. I am interested in understanding how neuronal circuits in the brain give rise to sensory experience.

My research focuses on the use of behavioral measures and in vivo electrophysiology to understand how activity of neurons in the visual cortex correlates with perceptual behavior of animals. I use computational models to frame hypotheses about the underlying neuronal circuits that gave rise to experimentally observed responses of visual neurons. I make attempts to ground my hypotheses in our most current knowledge of neuroanatomy.

My current and future interests lie in leveraging our understanding of neuronal circuitry to manipulate brain activity through micro-stimulation (electric and/or pharmacological) across multiple cortical areas. This will help develop therapies for diseases and decipher the principles of brain function.


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[+] Tuning properties of cortical neurons
[+] Rapid measurements of contrast sensitivity in monkeys
[+] Light sensitive molecular structures as therapy for blindness
[+] Differentiation of stem cells in monkey models of stroke
[+] Adaptation to direction of motion in humans


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