Peter Elmlund

Peter Elmlund has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and specializes in urban development. He has since 2002 led the Urban City Research as a program director at Ax:son Jonson Foundation, a project that provides support to a Masters in sustainable urban design at the Faculty of Architecture School at Lund University - LTH (Lund Tekniska Högskolan) and a research project on the relationship between urban form and human behavior at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, where he is a guest researcher in residence.

Urban City Research has organized numerous international conferences and seminars on contemporary urban planning and design. Currently the project has three year collaboration with UN Habitat, a series of international conferences that leads up to UN Habitat World Forum III 2016. The goal of the collaboration is to get local politicians worldwide to shift focus from buildings to places.

Peter Elmlund is also a frequently sought-after speaker nationally and internationally. He has given more than 150 talks on urbanism, planning, architecture and real estate.