The symposium comprised a series of sessions, each featuring two speakers: a scientist and an artist or immersive-reality practitioner. The speakers first presented their approaches and then reviewed the existing and prospective links between their domains of expertise. Following each session, generous time will be devoted to questions from the audience.


  1. Guvenc Ozel on kinetic architecture
  2. Tom Albright on neuroscience and architecture
  3. Ozel & Albright
  4. Alex McDowell on world building
  5. Albright & McDowell
  6. Michael Kubovy and the ontology of lives
  7. McDowell & Kubovy
  8. Nonny De La Pena and immersive journalism


  1. Don Hoffman on human perception as a user interface
  2. Perry Hoberman on technologies of immersion
  3. Hoffman & Hoberman
  4. Sergei Gepshtein on the boundaries of visible
  5. Hoberman & Gepshtein
  6. Joe Unger on design of interaction
  7. Gepshtein & Unger
  8. Howard Poizner on movement in immersive worlds
  9. Unger & Poizner
  10. Ian Dallas and design of a minimalist world
  11. Poizner & Dallas
  12. Conclusions